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Irrigation starts with the extraction of water

OC Group can offer you optimum help with all your irrigation issues. Are you looking for a total solution for irrigation of your crops? Are you looking for an irrigation system, pump or other part? OC Group has the right knowledge and expertise and is happy to help!

As a specialist in the field of irrigation, we offer the tailor-made solution that suits your needs. From a simple irrigation system to a fully automated installation with remote control and monitoring.

OC Group is the official dealer for:

OC Group is the ideal partner, thanks to years of experience and a large stock of equipment. We offer parts, pipes, pumps, irrigation reels and custom-made structures and machinery. The OC Group engineers design the irrigation system that suits your needs and your crop. This not only meets your financial requirements, but it will exceed your expectations on a technical level too.

OC Group machines and installations stand for quality with a high level of operating comfort, ultimate reliability and excellent efficiency.

OC Group provides ideal irrigation solutions, such as:

Well drilling

Using surface water to irrigate your fields or crops is not always possible. Therefore, as part of the total solution for irrigation systems, OC Group can also take over the drilling of a water source for you.

Determination of location

In order to guarantee good water quality, we determine, from a database with water sources throughout the Netherlands, which location and depth will give you the best water yield. After careful drilling of the water source, we can complete your irrigation system with an electric underwater pump in the well or with a fixed or mobile diesel driven irrigation pump.

Irrigation ­reels

As an official dealer of Bauer irrigation reels, OC Group provides the ideal irrigation solution for every farmer. Irrigation reels from the Bauer RAINSTAR family are reliable, durable and efficient. The galvanized construction is weather resistant and the low-maintenance retractor works extremely smoothly.

Rainstar T

The compact and universal Bauer RAINSTAR T is an irrigation reel with decades of practical experience. Because of its modular design, this irrigation system fits on any plot, large or small.

Rainstar E

The high-quality Bauer RAINSTAR E irrigation reel will exceed your expectations in terms of reliability, durability and efficiency.

Ecostar Irrigation ­computer

Combined with one of the Bauer ECOSTAR irrigation computers, an irrigation reel from the RAINSTAR series becomes a true high-end irrigation solution. It allows you to read the status, control it remotely and programme start and stop times in advance; you have everything under control.

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